Rensselaer Libraries, FOCI Partner on Deep Web Encyclopedia Online access

Posted January 6, 2023
Encyclopedia of Criminal Activities

The Rensselaer Libraries and the Future of Computing Institute (FOCI) have partnered to provide the Institute with online access to the Encyclopedia of Criminal Activities and the Deep Web.  This important reference resource covers a variety of subjects associated with research areas of interest to FOCI. Social and financial issues relevant to FOCI activities include:

·  Section 1: Cybercriminal Profiles, Understanding Cybercrime, and the Realities of the Dark Web 

·  Section 2: Cyberwarfare, Cybersecurity, Spyware, and Regulatory Policies and Solutions 

·  Section 3: Drug Trafficking, Human Trafficking, and the Sexual Exploitation of Children 

·  Section 4: Financial Fraud, Identity Theft, and Social Manipulation Through Social Media 

·  Section 5: Security Tools and Solutions, Human-Based Cyber Defense, and the Social Understanding of Threats 

Access to this encyclopedia is available to all registered students, faculty, and staff.