RPIrates & Data INCITE Tutorial: Welcome to the tidyverse!

RPIRates Tutorial
John S. Erickson
Director of Research Operations
The Rensselaer IDEA
Wed, February 17, 2021 at 5:00 PM
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Data transformation and management are key to success with R, so we'll talk about Hadley Wickham's 'tidyverse', a collection of R packages that reinforce the principles of his "Tidy Tools Manifesto":

* Reuse existing data structures.
* Compose simple functions with the pipe operator.
* Embrace functional programming.
* Design for humans.

After viewing this tutorial it might be helpful to review some of these resources:
1. The Tidy Tools Manifesto (Hadley Wickham)
2. Welcome to the Tidyverse (Revolutions Blog)
3. Tidyverse Tutorial  (Michael Levy)
4. R for Data Science (Hadley Wickham & Garrett Grolemund)

John S. Erickson

John has spent over two decades studying the unique social, legal, and technical problems that arise when managing and disseminating information in the digital environment. Currently Director of Research Operations at the Rensselaer Institute for Data Exploration and Application (IDEA) and Deputy Director of the Web Science Research Center of the Tetherless World Constellation(TWC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute(RPI), John coordinates, contributes, and teaches. Prior to joining RPI John was a principal investigator at Hewlett-Packard Labs focusing on policy-based management and personalization of distributed, heterogeneous digital object repositories, content processing architectures and collaboration systems. Before joining HPLabs John was an entrepreneur, creating the first Web-based service to fully automate the complex copyright permissions process for a variety of media types, and the first digital rights management (DRM) technology to facilitate dialog and metadata exchange between content creators and users.