Trevor Rhone

Assistant Professor
Physics, Applied Physics & Astronomy
Trevor David Rhone received a liberal arts education from Macalester College in Saint Paul. He went on to pursue his doctoral studies at Columbia University in the city of New York where he did experimental studies of two-dimensional electron systems in the extreme quantum limit. Trevor David spent several years at NTT Basic research laboratories in Japan.  During a research stint at the National Institute of Materials Science in Japan, he transitioned to materials informatics research - exploiting machine learning tools to perform materials research. He continued this work at Harvard University where he used machine learning tools to search for new 2D magnetic materials. Trevor David Rhone's research interests involve using machine learning tools for materials discovery and knowledge discovery. Materials discovery could manifest in the search new 2D materials with exotic properties, the prediction of the outcome of industrially relevant catalytic reactions or for other compelling research problems. In addition, data analytics tools will be used to aid in developing a better understanding of physical systems.


Columbia University, New York, NY; Ph.D. Physics, 2012

Macalester College, St. Paul, MN; B.A. Physics, 2005

Focus Area

Machine learning, Materials science , Two-dimensional materials, Catalysis, Li-ion battery materials, Magnetism, Artificial Intelligence

Selected Scholarly Works

Data-driven studies of li-ion-battery materials SK Kauwe, TD Rhone, TD Sparks Crystals 9 (1), 54 (2019)

Systematic search for two-dimensional ferromagnetic materials Y Zhu, X Kong, TD Rhone, H Guo Physical Review Materials 2 (8), 081001 (2018)

Data-driven studies of magnetic two-dimensional materials TD Rhone, W Chen, S Desai, A Yacoby, E Kaxiras arXiv preprint arXiv:1806.07989

COMBO: an efficient Bayesian optimization library for materials science T Ueno, TD Rhone, Z Hou, T Mizoguchi, K Tsuda Materials discovery 4, 18-21 (2016)

NMR profiling of quantum electron solids in high magnetic fields L Tiemann, TD Rhone, N Shibata, K Muraki Nature Physics 10 (9), 648 (2015)

Rapid collapse of spin waves in nonuniform phases of the second Landau level TD Rhone, J Yan, Y Gallais, A Pinczuk, L Pfeiffer, K West Physical review letters 106 (19), 196805 (2011)