SCIENCE with Blockchain

This is a research project to develop a trustworthy, accountable, data sharing eco-system for biomedical research that utilizes knowledge representation and blockchain technologies to address the challenge of the costly and time-consuming effort needed to bring a biomedical innovation from the bench (basic research) to bedside (clinical level).

Biomedical Research Lifecycle
Biomedical Research Lifecycle from "Bench to the Bedside"

The aims of this project are to develop:

  • An expressive, provenance-centric language, called SCIENCE Capability-based, Intention-centric, Experiment-oriented, Networked Collaborative Expression (SCIENCE) language will capture “science-capability” of the biomedical research datasets.
  • A methodology for smart contracts will encode data use agreements and shared governance of data to create computational data use agreements supporting the automatic evaluation of compliance.
  • Novel consensus mechanisms will enable reporting the impact of scientific data and the reproducibility of the research methods, thus providing incentives to scientists in supplying well-annotated, highly reusable data and reproducible research methods.
Team Members

Principal Investigators


  • Ben Kelly
  • Catherine Wang
  • Jennifer Zhan
  • Kacy Adams
  • Kelly Fellenzer
  • Noe Horowitz
  • Sahith Bhamidipati