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Make cool videos with OBS Studio and OpenShot Video Editor!
March 09, 2021

You don't have to be a MacHead to produce cool videos! Mature open source tools like OBS Studio (video recording and streaming), OpenShot (video editing) and Audacity (audio editing) bring awesome video production capabilities to any desktop.

In this entry-level tutorial we'll introduce you to these tools from the perspective of a Linux user and demonstrate some of the tricks we've learned during these COVID times. Maybe you want to step up your game for pre-recorded lectures or talks; maybe you want a cool alternative to Webex's screen sharing. Show up and ask questions! If time permits we'll demonstrate how to make those video choir videos...

This will be very interactive and very informal!

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Tackling COVID-19 Using Data Analytics
March 08, 2021

Highlights from 112 Undergraduate Research Experiences in the Rensselaer Data INCITE Lab During COVID-19 Pandemic

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February 18, 2021
Data transformation and management are key to success with R, so we'll talk about Hadley Wickham's 'tidyverse', a collection of R packages that reinforce the principles of his "Tidy Tools Manifesto": * Reuse existing data structures. * Compose simple functions with the pipe operator. * Embrace functional programming. * Design for humans.
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RPIrates Tutorial: Rock your Dataviz World with ggplot2!
February 11, 2021

RPIrates: The RPI R Users Group and the Rensselaer Data INCITE program present this version of the famous ggplot2 tutorial, re-constructing a famous figure from The Economist step-by-step. Demonstrates current R methodology including tidyverse and many aspects of ggplot2. 

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December 10, 2020

Plan to join us WEDS, 09 Dec for a very, VERY special TWed as the Tetherless World Constellation holds another "virtual" version of our end-of-term Graduate Research
"Lightning Talks." TWed Lightning Talks are a great way for the TWC community and friends to learn of the wide range of amazing research happening in the Tetherless World, and "a good time is had by all!"

Lightning talks are VERY short --- approx. 2-3 minute! --- summaries by our students of current research work, with no NO SLIDES and only brief "crib notes."

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November 19, 2020

This talk will be an introduction to the study of privacy attacks in the context of machine learning, aimed at those unfamiliar with the literature. We will discuss who the stakeholders are, what information may be attacked, how it may be attacked, and why. The “how” will be at a high level, illustrated through some specific examples of privacy attacks. Much of the material will be from a recent survey of privacy attacks by Maria Rigaki and Sebastian Garcia at Czech Technical University in Prague, although their threat model will be extended slightly to consider cases that include synthetic data. The goal of the talk is to give the audience an appreciation of some of the complications of privacy preservation (i.e. that it’s not as simple as it may be assumed to be) and familiarity with some of the terminology.