RPIrates Special Edition: Introducing the RPI StudySafe App

Using near-real-time, anonymous WiFi data from more than 1300 wireless access points on campus, students working with the Rensselaer IDEA's Data INCITE program during the Summer and Fall 2020 terms created an app to help students easily identify crowded and open spots around campus.

SCIENCE with Blockchain

This is a research project to develop a trustworthy, accountable, data sharing eco-system for biomedical research that utilizes knowledge representation and blockchain technologies to address the challenge of the costly and time-consuming effort needed to bring a biomedical innovation from the bench (basic research) to bedside (clinical level).

RPIrates Tutorial: Simple Database Access with R

Take some time out from your busy week to talk about database access with R!

In this informal tutorial we'll share some recent experiences using remote and in-memory SQL databases (MySQL and SQLite) to access and analyze near real time, aggregated RPI WiFi data for the RPI SafeCampus and StudySafe applications. As time permits we may also cover our use of ElasticSearch, esp. in our COVID Twitter project, and SPARQL endpoints (Blazegraph, StarDog) as data sources.

RPIrates & Data INCITE Tutorial: Welcome to the tidyverse!

Data transformation and management are key to success with R, so we'll talk about Hadley Wickham's 'tidyverse', a collection of R packages that reinforce the principles of his "Tidy Tools Manifesto": * Reuse existing data structures. * Compose simple functions with the pipe operator. * Embrace functional programming. * Design for humans.