Rensselaer AI and Reasoning Laboratory

Research and development in the RAIR Lab ranges across a number of applied projects, as well as across many of the fundamental questions AI raises (e.g., Are we machines ourselves? If so, what sort of machines?). Everything is to a high degree unified by the fact that the formalisms, tools, techniques, systems, etc. that underlie the lab's R&D are invariably based on reasoning.

Tom Morgan

Dr. Morgan has spent over forty years doing what is now called data analytics, much of it on big data sets in remote sensing and image analysis. He has conducted data acquisition, processing and analysis research for a variety of public and private organizations in oil and gas exploration, medical imaging, non-destructive testing and radio astronomy.


The Rensselaer Health Informatics Challenges in Technology Education (INCITE) Pipeline recruits and prepares students at Rensselaer and worldwide to be data scientists in healthcare using early data analytics courses and experiential research projects centered on real-world health challenges. With the advent of electronic healthcare records (EHR) and precision medicine, healthcare increasingly relies on health informatics (HI), the philosophy and tools of data science (DS) and their application in healthcare. Rensselaer Health INCITE is a innovative, replicable program that directly expands the health informatics workforce pipeline at the early undergraduate level for students at RPI and worldwide.


This project addresses the challenge of agent driven smart contracts on the blockchain with semantics, advances in machine learning, and state of the art in multi agent systems research.