HEALS: Health Empowerment by Analytics, Learning, and Semantics

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The primary goal of the HEALS (Health Empowerment by Analytics, Learning, and Semantics) project is to apply advanced cognitive computing capabilities to help people understand and improve their own health conditions. In particular, we are exploring areas including personalized and mobile medical care, improved healthcare analytics, and new data-based approaches to driving down the cost of medical care. Our main research thrusts are as follows:

  • Health - Including Personal Health Care and Precision Medicine
  • Empowerment by - Knowledge as Medicine for life scientists, translational researchers, clinicians and patients
  • Analytics - Using data for hypothesis formation and testing
  • Learning & - Both (continuous) machine-learning and human-in-loop improvement over time
  • Semantics - Integrating knowledge from many sources via probabilistic knowledge graph technology

RPI is an IBM AI Horizons Network member organization, and the HEALS project is a joint IBM-RPI effort with close collaboration and transition.



IBM RPI Students Past Collaborators





  • Osama Minhas


  • Owen Cahan
  • Ruisi Jian 
  • Runmin Lu
  • Osama Minhas
  • Ishita Padhiar
  • Yuxuan Wang

Selected HEALS Publications

For the full list of HEALS publications please see here.

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For more information about the RPI-IBM collaboration, please see https://science.rpi.edu/biology/news/ibm-and-rensselaer-team-research-chronic-diseases-cognitive-computing.

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